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Dungeon Masters

Dungeon Masters is A 2D platformer featuring procedural dungeon level generation made as part of the International Summer school of ai and games during a game jam. The project was completed in 3 days of jamming i was the sole designer on the project and due to the procedural nature of the game i spent most of my jamming time making the 2d assets in the game as well as setting up all UI and menu functionality

The theme of the game jam was based around ai generation and integrations into games hence the levels are procedurally generated along with enemy positions and objective appearances

You gain score in the game by killing enemies and collecting objectives in the form of ai generated images which you can combine to get bonus points. Upon reaching the end of a level you will enter a green cell that will generate another procedural level.

Below you will see the node based designs and top down plans I made in order to illustrate the layout and theme to my fellow team members.

Below you will find a video showcasing some gameplay footage from the game

Below you will see a series of moodboards used to plan out the UI design alongside some modular 2d textures

Below you will see some of the screenshots taken in game from the 1.0 build available on Itch.IO.

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