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Pig Mech

The brief of the assignment was to create a high to low poly bake character following by texturing rigging and animating said character in a base idle animation and pose. Out of the numerous reference material available i chose that of Robin Keizers pig mech collection choosing the larger more humanoid looking character.

I intended to make a realistic interpretation of the desired character rather than going for a stylized look in order to experiment and test my skills using substance painters anchor point normal map system to add detail stamps without increasing the polygon count

Below you will find the moodboards used in order to create and adapt the 3d character alongside the original 2d concept art sourced from Robin Keizer

Below you will find a link to the character uploaded to sketchfab with texture and UV inspection enabled

Here are some renders of the character and the weapon using Substance Painter to produce the images


Below is the development blog of my 3d character, it showcases my thought process, issues that i ran into and the solutions that were produced along with an analysis of things i would of considered and done differently if were to revisit this model.

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