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Rapturious Vision

Rapturious Vision was a 6 month University assignment consisting of making a horror game experience and use appropriate level and game design techniques to make a game for the desired genre.

In the Game you (the player) are a mechanic that wakes up after a space station has been left mysteriously empty most of the lights are off and power seems to be at a minimum. You are to navigate through the level uncovering the story of what happened by picking up logbooks and completing puzzles.


 A few free assets packs were made in the creation of the game to help with time constraints related to being a team of 2 (1 Designer , 1 Programmer) all of these will be linked at the bottom of this page.

Below will be a video walkthrough of the design process behind making the game

Below you will find Level moodbords for the various intended moodboards in the game

Below you will find moodboards of the main Enemy and horror elements in the game that being a rogue Ai drone that will wander the ship and attempt to capture the player when they get in range.

Below you will see some assets that were made to complement the asset pack for specific use in mechanics or environmental story telling 

Below you will see some of the screenshots taken in game from the 1.0 build available on Itch.IO

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