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Cowboys and Robots

Cowboys and Robots was a University assignment where I was instructed to design a 3d environment and make a short and comprehensive 3d animation trailer to advertise the introduction of a new character to a game.

I decided to go with a western style theme with a twist of having robots be cowboys. Set in the far future in the Nevada Desert a duel between a noble Lawman and a Ruthlkess Bandit takes places in a small abandoned saloon.

Here is a video of the storyboard animation vs the final product of the animation

Below you may find a series of moodboards used to plan out and design 3d assets as well as animatrics that were used in planning the 3d animation of the scene

Below you will find final screenshots of the assets implemented into unreal in an empty asset scene, as well as screenshots of assets being implemented across the current level.

These models include:

A cactus

A dead Tree

A saloon

3 House variants

Water trough

Cowboy hats

Cattleman Revolver

Cowboy Character

Metal Rings

A sign post

A pack of cards

A moonshine bottle

A beer bottle

A mug

Table and chairs

Each of these assets were made in order to help complement the cowboy and western theme below you will find screenshots of these assets implemented within the unreal engine scene.

A Robot character made with inspiration from the skeleton robots from the game "Kenshi" the character is intended to be animated as part of a larger project. The bright blue areas of the texture are emissive and will be tweaked once imported into Unreal engine 4.

Below you will find the animatric used to plan the animations followed by the final 3d animation file

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