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Toot Suite

Toot Suite was a games jam project made for the GJL Summer  2021 games jam in a team of 8. I took on the role of Level Designer, Sound Designer and Producer, however due to mismatching schedules with fellow team members I also performed a large amount of 3D artwork, VFX and UI elements.

The theme of the game jam was around the idea of "Single-Use" we decided to interpret this rather childishly and based the game around a single-use "Fart ability" that the user would have to charge up by eating food around the level.

After getting the "Fart meter" up to a high degree the player may perform minigames such as playing the guitar and dancing to attract ai NPCs close to them. Once a large number of NPCs are near the player, they can use the "Fart ability" to cause NPCs around them to ragdoll and get a score based on how many they got.

Below you will see the node based designs and top down plans I made in order to illustrate the layout and theme to my fellow team members.

Below you will find a short trailer made to introduce gameplay elements to new players.

Below you will see a series of moodboards used to plan out the environment and a basis for the level design of the project.

Below you will see some of the screenshots taken in game from the 1.0 build available on Itch.IO.

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