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Wardens Wrath

Wardens Wrath is a horror game made in Ue4 based on the theme of an abandoned prison. The player is part of a paranormal investigation service and is tasked with retrieving an important dossier that was left behind when the prison was abandoned. During the game, the player will have to discover notes and stealthfully avoid various ghosts and paranormal beings positioned throughout the level.

For this project, I was in charge of a section of the level design, the lighting, as well as making 3d assets for the project. I was under contract with a team of final year students acting as a contractor for a set period of time.

Below is a video explaining my choices and processes behind making the level


Below you can see the node-based designs for this project

Node Based Designs

Below you can view the top-down plans for the project. I made 2 iterations one allowing for a non linear approach to with branching paths and options. The other being a more linear approach offering the opportunity for a more mechanics focused gameplay

Top Down Plans

After regrouping all planning assets together I and the other level designer combined our ideas to form a modularly designed prison with each area featuring a unique style and layout. This would also allow us to swap out rooms depending on what elements the other members of the team prefered

Below you will find a series of images from the white boxing stage. the level was constructed based on the refined top-down plans shown previously lighting was then made in order to complement the horror genre giving a hazey blue hue to the scene to bring out the feelings of horror and coldness 

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