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Eternal is the game I made for my self-directed placement. The project consisted of me managing and directing a team of 3 towards the end goal of making a game for the Steam platform, I took on the role of project leader managing and forming a company along with working on all aspects of design ranging from Leve design, 3D modelling, Audio design, Vfx Design, Games Design and marketing.

Eternal is a stylised combat action RPG, heavily inspired by From Software’s souls-like games but designed specifically for a more casual audience while retaining a souls-like gameplay loop. You, the Inquisitor, are the last hope in purging the Kingdom of Stormhaven of the evil that possesses it. Fight your way out of the ominous dungeon, explore the pillaged city and you’ll find a range of secrets to help you on your mission. Utilize a unique range of weapons, spells and items to defeat the horde of enemies that dwell across the kingdom.


 Asset packs were used in the creation of this game notably Syntys dungeon packs in order to be able to use them as a basis for making large and detailed levels. Alongside this, I have made 3D assets to complement the existing art style of the packs to be used for bespoke mechanics like combat, consumables as well as general modular sets for terrain.

Eternal was released on steam in December 2022 however it was taken off Steam in June 2023 as our Company closed down and therefore could not keep it up on the same name, so it was moved to as a free to play game

Below is a video walkthrough behind the design process of Eternal and why/how various aspects of the game were designed including the level design

Design Walkthrough

Below you will find the trailer for the game on Youtube

Game Trailer

Below you will find the design moodboards I used to plan the overall style and gameplay of each level environment 

Below you will find a moodboard made for the customisable armour sets planned in-game alongside screenshots of WIP assets

Below you will find the node-based designs and top-down plans of the levels present in the game along with the final screenshot showing the iteration that was made to them to achieve the desired plans for each level to produce the desired experience for each level

Below you will find the top down plans of the levels alongside time tests for navigating each level

Below you will see some of the screenshots taken in-game from the 1.0 build available on Itch.IO, these primarily feature environment art from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level

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