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Insurgency Sandstorm

Level Design Breakdown

Below you will find a video breakdown of my level design process behind the Insurgency Checkpoint game mode alongside the various issues I encountered and how I ended up resolving them to create a functional level


Primarily the maps size was reduced in order to shorten the map run time to already existing maps within the checkpoint gamemode roster but also to shorten the engagement distance between ai and players making gameplay much more intense and engaging


The concept for this map mod is an expansion of the design test I recently completed for New world interactive.

Loosely based on a mountainous fortress/castle-style environment with winding caverns and height differences. The Landscape is set in Punjab Valley in Afghanistan with large rocky hills and canyon paths

Top Down plans and planning

In order to plan out the map in a fashion that would integrate my initial design I took a modular approach to top-down plans by designing each section of the map in a seperate artboard in order to effectively plan gameplay for each location of the map.

Doing this also allows me to make modifications to each section more rapidly allowing for faster iteration and a more accurate vision of the node-based designs previously made.

Each objective designed to be assaulted from 2 primary directions and then allow enemies to spawn from many more directions once the objective is captured this acts a capture-and-hold-the-flag style game with limited respawns it forces players to defend the captured objectives from waves of ai enemies 

Top Down Plans

Gameplay Videos

Below you can find some gameplay videos recording in local play and launched via the use of downloading the mod and opening it via the console

Day Time Gameplay
Night Time Gameplay
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