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Wardens Wrath

Wardens Wrath is a horror game made in Ue4 based on the theme of an abandoned prison. The player is part of a paranormal investigation service and is tasked with retrieving an important dossier that was left behind when the prison was abandoned. During the game, the player will have to discover notes and stealthfully avoid various ghosts and paranormal beings positioned throughout the level.

For this project, I was in charge of a section of the level design, the lighting, as well as making 3d assets for the project. I was under contract with a team of final year students acting as a contractor for a set period of time.

Below I will show a series of mood boards used when creating 3d assets each asset was made to scale with a 1.8m tall biped. Where appropriate assets were made modular in order to make it easier for those constructing and decorating the level with assets.

Below you will find final screenshots of the assets implemented into unreal in an empty asset scene, as well as screenshots of assets being implemented across the current level.

These models include:

A modular shower set

A modular railing set

A modular pipe set

A series of kitchen storage units including a fridge and an oven

A set of desks and an office chair

A book and a set of bookshelves

An assortment of wooden debris

An industrial washing machine and a laundry cart

Each of these assets was made in order to help populate the rooms planned for the level they were designed in a mostly modular way so that they could quickly be placed and used to decorate and construct the scene

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